Kennametal Visits Ambion to Explore New Trends in Building Fire Protection

   On November 3, 2022, Huang Tinglai, Strategic Vice President of China Architectural Hardware Head Brand Guangdong Jianlang Hardware Products Co., Ltd, together with Zhang Ke, Executive Deputy General Manager of Holding Subsidiary Leifat Fireproofing Materials Hebei Co., Ltd, and his entourage visited Jiangmen Taishan and inspected the production base of Ambion in South China, accompanied by Gu Snapdragon, Chairman and CEO of Ambion New Materials Group, and Zhu Youbiao, Head of Interlayer Fireproofing Plugging Division of Architectural Curtain Walls.

坚朗五金考察安必安 探寻建筑防火新趋势

Huang Tinglai, Vice President of Strategy of Jielang Hardware, and Zhang Ke, Executive Vice General Manager of Leifert Hebei, visited Ambian.


Jielang Hardware is the leading domestic architectural hardware industry, founded in 2003, is one of the largest domestic doors and windows curtain wall hardware manufacturers, product lines in the original building doors and windows curtain wall hardware, door control hardware systems, stainless steel fence fittings, etc., on the basis of the smart locks, etc., began to cut into the smart home, sanitary ware and hardcover housing hardware products, and in recent years, actively lay out the security, underground comprehensive pipeline corridor, In recent years, the company has actively laid out security, underground comprehensive pipeline corridor, natural fire smoke exhaust and intelligent ventilation window, labor safety protection products, fireproof and waterproof materials, electromechanical equipments and precision instruments, etc., which has initially formed the strategic layout of the integrated supplier of architectural accessories with architectural door, window and curtain wall hardware as the core.

     In recent years, Kenneth Hardware has been committed to becoming an integrated supplier of architectural accessories, and the sales platform is taking shape: at present, it has formed a matrix of three major brands, namely, own, equity participation and strategic cooperation, and has constructed a large platform for the sales of architectural accessories. In the future, the product structure will be owned/wholly owned company, holding/participating company and strategic partnership, each accounting for one-third of the three modes. For the strategic cooperation brand and equity participation brand, the company is equivalent to a large distributor, together with its own brand to build a large platform for the sale of building accessories.

     As a national high-tech enterprise, Anbian has been taking innovation as its core competitiveness. The self-developed multivariate magnesium-based material, Ankang Fireproof Board, has the characteristics of Class A non-combustibility, remarkable heat insulation, lightweight and high-strength and easy processing, strong impact resistance, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, etc. Ankang Fireproof Board forms the product system of the architectural fireproofing series, the inorganic lightweight veneer wall panel system, and the series of assembled decorative parts, etc., and it can be widely applied to the commercial buildings in the public area, hotels, hospitals, airports, high-speed railways, and other public construction projects, and it's a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and application of new type of fireproofing and heat-insulating green building materials.

坚朗五金考察安必安 探寻建筑防火新趋势

Testing the Impact Resistance of Ankang Fireproof Board

   Accompanied by Mr. Gu, Mr. Huang and his entourage successively inspected the automatic production line of Ankang board, R&D laboratory of Anbian, exhibition hall of Anbian, etc. The extra-long fire-resistant time, strong impact resistance, and superior waterproof performance of Ankang board were recognized by Mr. Huang.

坚朗五金考察安必安 探寻建筑防火新趋势Inspection of Ambian laboratories


In the process of communication, both parties have in-depth communication on the current situation of interlayer fireproof plugging of architectural curtain wall, and look forward to the future development trend of interlayer fireproof plugging. The traditional inter-layer fireproof plugging of curtain wall mostly adopts galvanized steel plate and fireproof black cotton mode, and the fireproof and heat insulation performance mainly relies on fireproof black cotton, with high cost and unstable fireproof performance.

   The new program of Anbian curtain wall interlayer fireproof plugging fully applies the characteristics of Ankang fireproof board fireproof, heat insulation, lightweight, easy to process with ordinary rock wool, systematically improves the fireproof and heat insulation of fireproof plugging, and reduces the comprehensive cost. As an inorganic material, Ankang fireproof board is in line with the 'double-carbon' policy advocated by the state and represents the direction of future product development.

坚朗五金考察安必安 探寻建筑防火新趋势

     Mr. Huang said that Kenneth is located in the integrated supplier of building accessories, with products involving architectural hardware, intelligent locks, new air system, sealing strips, flooring, waterproof and fireproof materials, etc. Kenneth can provide customers with 'one-stop purchase' and 'product + service' mode, and open up new room for growth by expanding categories. We can provide customers with 'one-stop purchase' and 'product+service' mode, and open up new space for growth by expanding categories. Meanwhile, as the absolute leading enterprise in the field of architectural curtain wall hardware, we hope to cooperate with Ambian in the field of interlayer fireproof plugging for architectural curtain walls to develop sales channels in the whole country.