Dansn helps Lanzhou medical complex build a fire door for life safety

If the hospital is the refuge of life, then the fire door of the hospital can be called 'the fire door of life safety'.

Located in Mogao Road, Anning District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Women and Children's Medical Complex was officially put into operation in July 2021, including the West Hospital of Gansu Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, the West Hospital of Gansu Provincial Children's Medical Center, and Anning New City Hospital (General Hospital).

As a major livelihood project of Gansu Province in 2021, Gansu Women's and Children's Medical Complex is an international, modern and research-oriented medical complex with outpatient and emergency building, West Hospital of Maternal and Child Health Hospital, children's medical center, science and education center, and medical technology podium building. It is one of the 'most advanced platforms' in the medical system of Northwest China.

安必安助力兰州医疗综合体 筑起生命安全的防火门

Lanzhou Women's and Children's Medical Complex guards the health and safety of 4 million Lanzhou people. As a place carrying many doctors and patients, Gansu Women's and Children's Medical Complex always regards 'life safety' as its highest responsibility. During this period, in addition to the superb skills of doctors, basic measures such as fire safety are also needed. In terms of hospital fire safety, fire access and fire doors can be called 'fire doors of life'. As a supplier of fire doors in hospitals, Ambian new materials 'escort' the safety of hospitals, and build 'life safety fire doors' for 4 million Lanzhou doctors and patients is the heavy responsibility of Ambian.

Ambian provides Class A/B fire doors, including ward doors, consultation rooms, access doors, etc., in order to create a comfortable, warm and safe medical environment for patients, all categories of products are selected wood grain elements, injecting natural warmth into the medical space.

Ambian fire door uses safe and safe new materials as the substrate, which can achieve 60 minutes of fire performance, which means that in case of fire, the fire door can block the fire outside the door for 60 minutes, which can win valuable rescue time for firefighters, which is called life safety fire door.

Take safety as our responsibility and innovation as our driving force. In the field of safety and fire prevention, Ambien is always moving forward.

安必安助力兰州医疗综合体 筑起生命安全的防火门