Dansn helps the country to achieve carbon neutrality - Co-editor of "Technical Specification for the Application of Prefabricated Decorative Partition Walls with Dry-Hanging of Light Steel Studs".

In September 2020, President Xi Jinping proposed at the United Nations General Assembly that 'China's carbon dioxide emissions strive to peak by 2030 and work towards carbon neutrality by 2060.' According to the World Resources Institute, China's construction and manufacturing industries accounted for 23.2% of overall carbon emissions in 2017, second only to the power and heating sectors. In addition, according to the China Building Energy Consumption Statistics Specialized Committee of the China Building Energy Conservation Association, which released the China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2020), the total carbon emissions from the whole process of the nation's buildings in 2018 amounted to 4.93 billion tons, and based on China's total carbon emissions of 14.5 billion tons in 2018, the construction sector accounted for 34% of the total. In the process of building decoration light steel keel dry hanging prefabricated decorative partition walls are widely used in homes, hospitals, schools, apartments, hotels and other commercial spaces, so it is important to formulate regulations related to light steel keel dry hanging prefabricated decorative partition wall application technology to standardize the development and operation of the industry.

安必安助力国家实现碳中和目标 - 联合主编《轻钢龙骨干挂预制装饰隔墙应用技术规程》

As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, Dansn has always regarded fire protection, sound insulation, environmental protection and non-toxicity as the genes of enterprise development, always bearing in mind the mission, not only in the process of their own product development attaches great importance to the environmental performance of the products, and at the same time, is committed to promoting the industry's development and upgrading, and the industry's common progress.


The morning of April 13, China Engineering Construction Standardization Association standard 'light steel keel dry hanging prefabricated decorative partition wall application technical regulations' compilation group set up and the first working meeting was held in the China Academy of Building Research Office Building, the standard by the Anbian New Materials Group Limited, China Academy of Building Research Co. Ltd. and other well-known domestic business units jointly edited. This is the first China Engineering Construction Standardization Association to participate in the dry operation of the decorative partition wall system standard, the purpose and core is to establish and improve the low-carbon green building materials in the field of building decorative integration of technical standards in the field of partition wall system, to achieve the concept of a new low-carbon green wall material system based on the comprehensive utilization of biobased, architectural and industrial recyclables, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the requirements of the fire-resistant limit and sound insulation and impact resistance and other good physical properties, can be used in the construction of the wall system. The ultimate goal is to replace part of the traditional high-energy-consumption wall materials with industrialized prefabricated decorative surface low-carbon new green wall materials and systems that meet the fire-resistance limit requirements and have sound insulation, impact resistance and other good physical properties, and at the same time realize the on-site dry assembly mode of operation to achieve the energy-saving and emission reduction goals, and help the construction industry to realize the social development trend of carbon peak and carbon neutrality at an early date.


Mr. Du Yong, Secretary General of Solid Waste Resources and Ecological Restoration Committee of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association presided over the meeting, and Mr. Cao Liqiang, Director of the Academy of Building Research, gave an overall introduction to the quasi-preparation of the draft outline; at the same time, Mr. Gu Snapdragon, Chairman and CEO of Ambient Group, Mr. Huang Jing, Director of China Academy of Building Research, and representatives of various enterprises expressed their views on the industry's development, and the country's demand for energy-saving and environmental protection of the building and discussed the preparation of the draft outline and the main technical issues, and clarified the follow-up work progress and division of work plan, in order to promote the industry's development.


The two substrates independently developed by Ambian, Mineral Core® and Ambian Fiber®, meet extremely high environmental requirements, and the wall panels, cabinets, ceilings and floors made from these two substrates have excellent physical properties, such as immediate occupancy, no formaldehyde contamination, a fire-resistance limit of 1.5 hours, and no smoke or toxins after combustion. In the four stages of the whole life cycle of building materials, it helps to realize the environmental protection goal of energy saving and emission reduction, replaces part of the traditional high-energy-consuming building materials, and helps the country to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.

安必安助力国家实现碳中和目标 - 联合主编《轻钢龙骨干挂预制装饰隔墙应用技术规程》