Dansn New Material Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sumitomo Corporation - "Open, Cooperation, Win-Win"Dansn was Invited to the 19th China Housing Expo

Adhering to the principle of 'openness, cooperation and win-win' and continuously expanding the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two sides, Ambient New Materials Group and Sumitomo Corporation Anqiju will work together to promote their strategic cooperation, inject new energy into each other, and realize mutual benefit and win-win situation, as well as common development.

On November 5, 2020, Ambian New Materials Group was invited to participate in the 19th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Expo, and during the conference, the two sides held a simple but grand signing ceremony in friendly consultation and successfully signed a strategic cooperation signing agreement, marking the two sides in the field of assembly building cooperation towards a new milestone.

安必安新材料与住总安其居签订战略合作协议  --“开放、合作、共赢”安必安受邀参加第十九届中国住博会

Above picture shows the signing ceremony of the two leaders   

Left: Mr. Liu Bo, General Manager of Tianjin Anqiju Building Technology Co., Ltd. and Director of the Interior Department of Beijing Residential Institute

Right: Mr. Fu Youwei, Director of Integrated Business Department 3, Dansn New Materials Group Co.


As a scientific and technological enterprise independently developing new bio-based materials, Ambian New Materials Group Co., Ltd. has products that cover architectural space applications, household applications, and scenarios that can easily cope with a variety of demanding physical property requirements, and has mastered the advanced technology of fire doors to meet the world-class certification standards of AFSL, BSL, and CNSL. In addition, Anchor has been working hard to keep up with the national policy and market demand, and continues to develop a variety of application systems in the field of assembled buildings, providing customers with perfect assembled building solutions.

Relying on the advanced technology of its parent company, Beijing Housing Academy, in the field of assembled buildings, with standardized design, factory parts and assembled construction as the main features, and giving full play to the advantages of Beijing Housing Academy's resource integration, Anqiju has become a pivotal head of the industry, breaking through the many shortcomings of traditional renovation, and realizing the enhancement of the quality and efficiency of the project.

At the exhibition site, Ambian demonstrated and explained the advantages and applications of the assembly product system to the guests, which was favored and affirmed by all parties, expecting that Ambian's new materials will be widely used in various living spaces in the future, bringing people a more comfortable spatial experience.

安必安新材料与住总安其居签订战略合作协议  --“开放、合作、共赢”安必安受邀参加第十九届中国住博会