Mr. Jiang Yongbo, Chief Engineer of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Company, Visited Dansn

     On May 22nd, Mr. Jiang Yongbo, Chief Engineer of Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. visited Ambient's production base in Taishan, Guangdong Province, accompanied by Mr. Gu Snapdragon, CEO of Dansn, and Mr. Song Yi, Secretary of President of Dansn. The two sides had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the joint preparation of provincial new wall standards.




(hereinafter referred to as 'Guangzhou No.4 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.'), established in 1956, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Construction Company Limited (a subsidiary of Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.). (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Construction) is a state-owned large-scale enterprise under the direct supervision of Guangzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the first enterprise group in South China to hold both the special class of general contracting for building construction and Class A design qualification in the construction industry, the special class of general contracting for municipal utilities and Class A design qualification in the municipal industry, and was merged and reorganized with Guangzhou Municipal Municipal Affairs Group and Guangzhou General Contracting Group in 2008, and was merged and reorganized with China Guangzhou General Contracting Group in 2010. In 2008, it merged and reorganized with Guangzhou Municipal Municipal Group and Guangzhou Engineering General Contracting Group, and in 2010, it transferred China Guangzhou International Economic and Technical Cooperation Company into the management of the second-tier group and initiated the establishment of Guangzhou Construction Company Limited.

      GZSC has two general contracting qualifications, namely building construction and municipal public utility construction, and five specialized contracting qualifications, including building mechanical and electrical installation, building renovation and decoration, formwork and scaffolding, foundation and steel structure, etc. GZSC is striving to build up the integration of investment, contracting and design and construction.

      Guangzhou Fourth Construction focuses on the operation of Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen and other surrounding areas of the market, and actively explore the market in the eastern region of Guangdong and the assembly building market, the annual production and operation capacity and scale of more than 3 billion yuan, the annual completion of the project area of 800,000-900,000 square meters, representative of the construction of Guangzhou building and municipal utility projects, including the Guangzhou World Trade Center, China Mayor's Building, Metropolis Plaza, Teem Plaza, Zhenggia Commercial Plaza, Wanlinghui, Guangzhou Municipal Administration Center, Guangzhou Tianhe Book Purchase Center, Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, a number of schools in the university city (Xinghai, Huashi, and Guangdao Middle School), and Guangzhou International Sports and Performing Arts Center.



The products developed by Ambian in the past few years are a subversive innovation that combines the cutting-edge technologies of inorganic material science and polymer material science with the physical performance indexes required by different products of green building materials and green household in China. Through the use of polymer materials modified inorganic gelling agent bonding agricultural recycling materials (rice husk / straw / bagasse / reed) and wood fiber to make a series of green home building materials from construction and decoration to home wooden doors and other building materials, in the presence of inorganic materials, fire prevention, formaldehyde-free, durable and at the same time to meet the traditional home furnishings and decorative products required static bending strength, nail holding power and finish integration characteristics.

    Building materials, in order to meet the external wall required fire, heat preservation, water resistance; internal wall required fire, sound insulation, impact resistance physical properties while realizing the comprehensive cost greatly downward, to achieve the subversive application of new materials in the field of assembled buildings and assembled interior. Compared with the traditional lightweight partition wall, Ambian new assembly type internal partition wall has significant differentiated performance advantages:

Firstly, all dry construction, greatly saving construction time and cost. The inorganic decorative surface layer and inner wall core layer integrated molding technology developed by Ambian can realize the decorative integration of wall products, without the need for on-site application of putty to the ground without leveling, greatly saving construction time and cost.

Second, efficient installation. Ambian assembled partition wall can realize the modular production of standardized components of assembled interior, and the design of plug-in mother falcon can realize the building block type assembly, which is simple and fast. The integrated design of the finish saves the traditional wall putty application process, greatly improving efficiency.

Third, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials to eliminate the volatilization of harmful substances. Anbian assembled partition wall from the source to realize the quality control of the product, the use of organic gelatin and agricultural recycling materials (rice husk / straw / bagasse / reed) are no formaldehyde added. The finished products have reached the standard of formaldehyde-free environmental protection.

Fourth, the advantages of comprehensive physical properties are remarkable, and the cost is greatly reduced. Finished assembly partition wall up to 2 hours fire rating requirements; 90mm thickness configuration up to 40dB sound insulation level; 90mm thickness assembly partition wall up to the impact strength of traditional brick walls.

     After the visit and in-depth exchanges at the meeting, Mr. Jiang Yongbo, Chief Engineer of Guangzhou Four Construction, expressed full confidence in Ambian's new type of assembled partition wall and affirmed Ambian's innovation in the use of agricultural recyclables to realize the subversion of the green assembled building materials industry. The two sides reached a strategic consensus on the joint project of provincial new wall standards, and plan to formally carry out the standard preparation work in ** month.