Dansn passed the British Standard BS 60 minutes and American Standard UL 20, 60 minutes fire door test.

      At the beginning of September 2019, Dansn conducted the fire door test independently developed by our company at Intertek Laboratory of Shanghai Tianxiang Group, covering British Standard BS60 minutes and American Standard UL20 and 60 minutes tests, and successfully passed all the tests.


Dansn Fire Door Passes UL 60-Minute Test


Structural integrity after 60-minute fire door flush test by Dansn American Standard UL

In order to improve our fire door product family series, and strive to enhance the company's core competitive advantage in the production of this product line, our company, with its own R & D strength, has developed a series of wood fire door products with unique differentiated competitive advantages, covering British Standard and American Standard series. The British Standard BS60 minutes and American Standard UL20, 60 minutes of fire doors are 45mm thick, the door frame adopts high-density mineral composite material, A1 grade fireproof material, with good fire resistance, fire-resistant temperature of more than 1200℃. The smoke bar also meets the test standards of European Standard EN1634-1:2014 and British Standard BS 476P (21&22). The passing of this official test for several products marks another new breakthrough in our R&D and production capacity of fire door products. It is worth mentioning that AMBIEN BS 90 minutes and UL 90 minutes fire doors basically meet the test requirements in the trial burn test, and we are looking forward to successfully passing the official burn test.

      The fire door testing organization is Intertek, which is an international authoritative testing organization and a third party notary public. The cooperation with Intertek reflects our adherence to the implementation of safety monitoring technology and high specification quality management system, as well as our compliance with the international standard quality and safety control system. Ambian will expand the product range of fire doors in the market, add new product highlights to better meet the market demand, and provide customers with safer and more reliable diversified choices in the use of fire doors. In the future development, the company will strive to continue to promote its own product core research and development capabilities, with continuous independent innovation-oriented, based on market demand, to create a safe home concept, and gradually launch a series of high-tech green home products to make the public use of more satisfactory, more assured.